About me

I am a UK qualified Chartered Accountant with over 35 years experience and was the senior partner of a firm trading in the UK with an annual turnover exceeding £500,000 and a staff of 35.

I specialized in all forms of taxation advice and have particular expertise in businesses related to hotels, restaurants and tourism.

I have lived in the South West of France for some time where I gained and refined knowledge of the French taxation system. I am now back in the UK based in York where in conjunction with my French colleague I continue to provide a service to both UK and French based individuals and companies.

Because of the considerable differences between the tax systems of the UK and France I work in close co-operation with a qualified French accountant in order to provide a comprehensive and complete service.

I aim to ensure that you pay only the correct amount of tax and will work with you to ensure that this is so during the lifetime of your business and after its cessation.