The initial service offered is that of the completing and filing of a UK self assessment return to include the self employment pages for both individuals and partnerships.

In order to complete the self employment pages I can prepare annual accounts for you.

If you have a UK Limited company I can prepare accounts, tax returns and lodge copies with both HM Inspector of Taxes and Companies House and offer a full secretarial service for all filings at Companies House.

If you are a UK taxpayer but outside the self-assessment system I can complete and submit tax repayment claim forms.

My services can then be expanded to include a review of the business structure, its tax planning and an exit policy to ensure that when you cease in business the maximum amount stays in your hands rather than being lost to taxation.

Finally should you be chosen to be the subject of a self assessment investigation I can deal with all aspects thereof to mitigate the considerable stress that is caused thereby and to negotiate a fair and correct settlement to the inquiry.